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"Elevate Your Udemy Course Sales: Our Proven Strategy Delivers Long-Term Success."
Our strategy is designed to boost your Udemy course sales and ensure lasting success by optimizing your course's ranking and providing comprehensive marketing support.
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About Us

Here's where your journey to success on Udemy begins.

We're thrilled to announce a significant achievement! We've reached a milestone of 100 monthly clients and are actively promoting more than 1000 courses at Coursepromo. We don't just make promises; we ensure increased student enrollment, higher engagement, and a significant rise in your course ranking for enhanced visibility. At Coursepromo, we are the sole agency that concentrates on optimizing courses, boosting organic ratings, and increasing sales in all essential areas. Our focus is on the aspects of marketing that genuinely make a difference, providing you with a comprehensive solution.
Udemy coupon course promotion at Coursepromo.org

What We Do?

Over the course of the last two years, we've crafted a highly effective strategy that works for courses across all niches and languages on Udemy. Our dedicated team takes care of the entire marketing process on your behalf, ensuring you have minimal tasks to handle.

With our advanced Udemy tool, we conduct in-depth analyses of both your course landing pages and those of your competitors. This data serves as the foundation for our guidance on essential enhancements, ultimately resulting in improved course rankings on Udemy.

We distribute three coupons for each course every month, reaching an audience of 3000 students per coupon. During this stage, your courses experience an improved ranking, leading to increased organic sales. Through the use of Social Media Ads.

Students voluntarily provide reviews without any solicitation from us, ensuring that we adhere to Udemy's policies. Typically, each course receives more than 20 authentic reviews from real students every month.

We facilitate connections with 3 to 4 additional platforms, allowing you to generate extra income on a monthly basis. You can begin publishing courses on these supplementary platforms after 3 to 4 months, as they typically accept courses with a substantial number of Udemy enrollments and a minimum rating of 4.5 stars.

Our distinctive strategy takes advantage of cross-promotion, providing instructors with pre-made messages that showcase their varied courses and programs to their current student audience. Utilizing the trust you've already built, these messages smoothly introduce students to your additional offerings.

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Mostly Asked

How much is it and what is included?
Our Service: Udemy Course Improvement, Boost Udemy Algorithm, up to 3000 students + 20-40 5 star reviews per month, 3-4 New Tested Platforms, Cross-Promotion Templates Our Prices: Our pricing structure is 60€ per course per month.
What level of revenue can I expect? Can you guarantee a specific amount of sales?
While we cannot guarantee a specific revenue amount, as each course's performance may vary, our clients always see an increase in students and reviews within one month, and most of them experience sales growth already within two months. We have clients who previously made less than $200 in monthly profit, experiencing remarkable growth, reaching $4000+ within just 3-4 months.
Can I start with only one course to see how it goes?
If you have only 1 course, we have recently launched a 1 course package for minimum 6 months promotion. We have the option on our website, but if you have more than 1 course we would highly recommend to start with more.
Are any of your strategies in violation of Udemy's guidelines?
All our strategies are reliable and fully compliant with Udemy guidelines. We prioritize ethical and legitimate methods to promote your courses, ensuring that they align with the platform's policies and guidelines.
How do you promote and market the courses to reach the students?
We utilize a multi-pronged approach to achieve this: Extensive Student Database: We tap into our vast database of emails from thousands of interested students, regularly updating them about our new courses through email marketing campaigns. Facebook Advertising: We leverage targeted Facebook Ads, specifically designed to reach individuals with interests aligning with the courses or those involved in the education sector. Engagement in FB Groups: Actively sharing and discussing our courses in relevant Facebook groups helps us establish a strong community presence and directly reach interested learners. Despite offering some courses for free, it doesn’t impact your sales negatively. Most students accessing your courses for free might not have bought them otherwise. Furthermore, this generosity often translates into positive reviews and testimonials, enhancing your course's reputation and attracting more students. By combining these strategies, we ensure both high visibility and a positive reputation for your courses, leading to higher enrollment rates.