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Our Strategy

Over the past two years, we developed a strategy that is successful for courses in all niches on Udemy and in every language. Our team handles the entire marketing process for you, so that you’ll have minimal work to do on your end.

While we understand the desire for immediate sales, it’s important to note that our strategy is focused on long-term success. Typically, our clients start seeing significant sales growth within 3-6 months as by then the ranking is perfectly optimised. The comprehensive steps included in our plans are essential for achieving higher sales.

Udemy coupon course promotion at Coursepromo.org

What´s included

With our advanced Udemy tool, we conduct in-depth analyses of both your course landing pages and those of your competitors. This data serves as the foundation for our guidance on essential enhancements, ultimately resulting in improved course rankings on Udemy.

We distribute three coupons for each course every month, reaching an audience of 3000 students per coupon. During this stage, your courses experience an improved ranking, leading to increased organic sales. Through the use of Social Media Ads.

Students voluntarily provide reviews without any solicitation from us, ensuring that we adhere to Udemy's policies. Typically, each course receives more than 20 authentic reviews from real students every month.

We facilitate connections with 3 to 4 additional platforms, allowing you to generate extra income on a monthly basis. You can begin publishing courses on these supplementary platforms after 3 to 4 months, as they typically accept courses with a substantial number of Udemy enrollments and a minimum rating of 4.5 stars.

Our distinctive strategy takes advantage of cross-promotion, providing instructors with pre-made messages that showcase their varied courses and programs to their current student audience. Utilizing the trust you've already built, these messages smoothly introduce students to your additional offerings.